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Plants for your whole life...


Raise Your Vibration

Whole Clarity natural skin care products are formulated with organic ingredients and are 100% plant based, vegan, non toxic and cruelty free. 

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Designed to raise your vibration with every use through the magic of essential oils.

All backed by our Happiness Guarantee.

We believe you should never have to sacrifice your health or values in the name of beauty. You can have it all! Our natural skin care products work from the inside out to achieve glowing, nourished skin and a healthy body. 

Introducing the new Shower Collection

Start your day with an Aromatherapy adventure! These products will leave you squeaky clean and in high vibes. Just another way to #raiseyourvibration.

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Scented with Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon, Cypress and German Chamomile Essential Oil for a refreshing shower experience + perfectly nourished hair. 

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This daily use Conditioner will nourish and hydrate your hair to perfection! 

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Body Wash

Available in our 2 signature scents: Fresh Perspective for energizing and awakening or Flower Garden for relaxing and calming.


Summer Favorites

The sun is shining and these products will keep your skin nourished and hydrated all summer long for that perfect summer glow!

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Magic Potion Face Serum

Treat, hydrate, perfect! Get foundation optional skin that's ready for anything, anytime with this anti-inflammatory blend. 

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Fountain Of Youth Face Lotion

Hydrate before and after the sun to achieve that perfect summer glow. 

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Body Lotion

Calling all Rosewater lovers! This new and improved blend smells like a slice of heaven. Formulated with Rosewater, Grapeseed and Sunflower Oil, your skin will be soft, smooth and nourished to perfection.


Lifestyle Goods

Everything you need to raise and maintain your vibration.

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Crystal Pipes

Just another way to get crystal energy in your life + be the envy of all your friends. 

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Herbal Smoking Blend

 Reduce stress, feel euphoric and balance hormones with this blend. The guilt free way to enjoy smoking + incorporate the healing power of Damiana into your routine.

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Palo Santo 

Have Palo Santo with you where ever you go and keep your aura and energy squeaky clean. 

Words of Love

  • I have been using your skin care exclusively for just one month and I am so pleased! My skin is clearer, in balance and so healthy! I am 37 years old and lately have had comments from strangers that I must be about 25! I have even stopped wearing makeup/base as my skin has a healthy natural glow. Even better than the appearance, I feel dry spots, no oily spots, no chemicals. Thank you for handcrafting these products for us. You have earned a long time customer.
    — Jessica | Texas
  • My face feels fresh and fantastic and I've only used it for 24 hours. Thank you for introducing me to my baby fine face!
    — Ashley | New York City
  • Natural deodorants can be scary! Whole Clarity has some how made it work and created a killer stick deodorant, it makes me feel fresh and clean all day!
    — Jane | New York City
  • Wonderful is the best word to describe this cream. I love it!! My face looks and feels soft, subtle and glowing. I recommend the Fountain of Youth Face Lotion to everyone!
    — Myra | Washington
  • Every single one of Whole Clarity's products smells like heaven! My skin is glowing and I love how easy my skincare routine has become.
    — Anya | California
  • The Toner is my new obsession. I'm misting it all day long! Not only is my skin glowing but I also feel revived every time I use it.
    — Lian | Arizona

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