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Have a love affair...
with yourself.


Raise Your Vibration

100% plant based, essential oil, vegan, non toxic and cruelty free products.


Designed to raise your vibration with every use. 

All backed by our 100% Happiness Guarantee.

We believe you should never have to sacrifice your health or values in the name of beauty.

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Words of Love

  • I have been using your skin care exclusively for just one month and I am so pleased! My skin is clearer, in balance and so healthy! I am 37 years old and lately have had comments from strangers that I must be about 25! I have even stopped wearing makeup/base as my skin has a healthy natural glow. Even better than the appearance, I feel dry spots, no oily spots, no chemicals. Thank you for handcrafting these products for us. You have earned a long time customer.
    — Jessica | Texas
  • My face feels fresh and fantastic and I've only used it for 24 hours. Thank you for introducing me to my baby fine face!
    — Ashley | New York City
  • Natural deodorants can be scary! Whole Clarity has some how made it work and created a killer stick deodorant, it makes me feel fresh and clean all day!
    — Jane | New York City
  • Wonderful is the best word to describe this cream. I love it!! My face looks and feels soft, subtle and glowing. I recommend the Fountain of Youth Face Lotion to everyone!
    — Myra | Washington
  • Every single one of Whole Clarity's products smells like heaven! My skin is glowing and I love how easy my skincare routine has become.
    — Anya | California
  • The Toner is my new obsession. I'm misting it all day long! Not only is my skin glowing but I also feel revived every time I use it.
    — Lian | Arizona